Mr. Slim® Split-ductless Advantage

At NETR we understand that comfort is very important for our customers, that is why we have chosen to specialize in Mr. Slim split-ductless cooling and heating systems for our residential customers. Mr. Slim systems installed by NETR make any space more comfortable.

Does your home have a room that’s too hot or too cold? Perhaps you’re looking for a way to effectively control the climate in different rooms… Mr. Slim is the perfect way to make any room as comfortable as possible. NETR is able to accomplish this usually within 1 to 2 days. Call – (781) 933-NETR (6387)

Advantages Include:

  • Cooling and heating without wasting a window space or costly ductwork add-on
  • Extremely quiet operation: indoor and outdoor units
  • Highly reliable technology
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Solves challenging hot-spot and cold-spot areas
  • Wireless or wired remote controller for comfort control in the palm of your hand
  • Superior cooling and heating performance with exclusive INVERTER technology

How Mr. Slim® Works

Mr. Slim innovations in split-ductless design have defined cutting-edge technology for years. Learn more »

Mr. Slim® INVERTER Advantage

In response to indoor and outdoor temperature fluctuations, the system varies the compressor speed, thereby reducing power consumption for extra energy savings. The Mr. Slim system adjusts itself precisely to the level needed to maintain a consistently comfortable indoor environment.

  • USES PROVEN INVERTER COMPRESSOR TECHNOLOGY: Provides powerful, quiet and energy efficient cooling and heating, so your building will be pleasant year-round.  Used for nearly 20 years.
  • MAINTAINS CONSTANT TEMPERATURE LEVELS: Inverter technology eliminates annoying swings in temperature, which can cause drafts in any room. You’ll stay comfortable year-round.
  • PROVIDES SUPERIOR HEATING PERFORMANCE: Compressor rotation speed is greatly accelerated to help improve the heat exchange between indoor and outdoor fan coils. Even at 0oF Mr. Slim can provide 70% of the rated heating capacity.
  • OFFERS MORE EFFICIENCY: Our systems use less energy under milder conditions, so you’ll spend less money for operation and enjoy greater comfort

Mr. Slim® Sound Advantage

Mr. Slim is designed to be quieter and more efficient than old window units, so you’ll sleep easier with less worry about operating costs. The unit’s fan is designed to deliver air quietly with only a gentle whoosh.

Mr. Slim outdoor units can be placed virtually anywhere.  You will not even know that the outdoor unit is running!!

Mr. Slim® Zoning Advantage

The Mr. Slim zone control advantage allows you to cool and heat only those spaces desired for maximum control and energy efficiency.

This advantage allows Mr. Slim units to be the perfect solution to your cooling and heating needs and Mr. Slim is the perfect way to make any room in your home or workplace as comfortable as possible.

Mr. Slim systems are perfect for your home and have also been installed in schools, universities, nursing homes, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, equipment rooms, office buildings and churches.  If a room is too hot or cold, Mr. Slim can handle it!